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About Us
Company Profile
       Shanghai Bioquick Phamaceutical Supply Chain Management Co, Ltd is a pharmaceutical logistics company specializing in clinical specimens and pharmaceutical cold-chain transportation services, which is at the leading level in the domestic clinical cold-chain transportation field.
        We have obtained ISO 9001 Quality System Certification in the field of clinical specimens transportation and the qualificaion of International Air Transport Association's Dangerous Goods Regulation(IATA DGR) as well.

        We are the member unit in logistics-field expert group of the China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce and the drafting unit for the Medical TPL industry standard of the Ministry of Commerce. We are also the governing unit of the Pharmaceutical Logistics Branch of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing. We are qualified for pharmaceutical cold-chain logistics operation specification GB/T28842 -2012 National Standard .

        Bioquick focuses on the logistics services of various temperature chains in the biopharmaceutical industry and the supply chain services of clinical trial specimens, which is a core logistics service provider for listed companies such as Sinopharm Group and for Fortune 500 multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Cardinal. We directly participates in the the logistics program design and has had outstanding performance in project management, value-added services, timeliness control, risk and emergency plan management, cold-chain control, network coverage and information technology support. 。

In the field of clinical specimens transportation, accurate control of temperature and timeliness is our core value. We provide nationwide logistics services of clinical room temperature, clinical dry ice, clinical dry ice deep buried, 2~8℃, 15~25℃, 4~30℃, specific temperature and offer full temperature data tracing. We provide clinical trial transportation with accurate temperature control and temperature data support for a large number of pharmaceutical R&D companies such as Tigermed, Watson Bio and Fosun Pharma. 。

Company Culture

Qualification & Honor
2006 China Southern Airlines Best Cargo Sales Agent
2008 China Southern Airlines Best Contribution Award
2009 China Southern Airlines Outstanding Sales Agent
2010 China Southern Airlines Golden Kapok Award
2011 China Southern Airlines Diamond Kapok Award
2012 China Southern Airlines Diamond Kapok Award
2013 China Southern Airlines Diamond Kapok Award
2014 China Southern Airlines Diamond Kapok Award
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