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  • Temperature controlled transportation solutions

    2020/12/14 13:09:56
    POD full-time data visualization of the cold-chain transportation process ensure the efficient, stable and accurate positioning and monitoring of the transportation process during transport.
  • Temperature control service type

    2020/12/14 13:13:02
    Our professional service team provides various kinds of clinical specimens and drug transportation services with strict temperature control, designs temperature control solutions and timeliness management solutions for each temperature demand, and provides full temperature data reports to ensure the traceability, transparency and digitalization of temperature data.
  • Cold chain transportation process

    2020/12/14 13:10:26
    We have the technical support of a team of medical experts. Therefore, we can provide you with consultation and advice on supply chain management from the professional perspective of the pharmaceutical industry. This is the biggest difference between us and ordinary logistics service providers. We focus on providing exclusive customized medical cold-chain logistics solutions for clinical trial specimen and drugs in the fields of pharmaceutical research and development, clinical trials, sample testing, etc.
  • Warehouse management system

    2020/12/14 13:10:44
    Integrated warehouse and distribution services
  • Information Supervision System

    2020/12/14 13:09:10
    Real-time monitoring of product temperature and humidity in warehouse/during transportation/ in hospital (hospital SITE center) realize the online control of temperature and humidity in the whole chain of clinical project drugs/specimen
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