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1997 Entering Aviation Logistics Industry Become a partner of China Southern Airlines
In 1997, he entered the aviation logistics industry and became one of the most important aviation logistics service providers in Shanghai. As a long-term partner of China Southern Airlines, he has a core advantage in China Southern's air transportation in and out of Hong Kong.
From 1997 to 2005, China Southern Airlines became the only general agent in Shanghai to designate domestic outbound air transportation sales and operations. Since 2004, it has become the designated operation service provider for China Southern Airlines' ground operations in and out of Shanghai.
2007 Reorganization and Establishment of Shengtong International Logistics Enter the field of third-party logistics
Optimize the business and capital structure and reorganize into Shanghai shengtong international logistics co., ltd.
It officially entered the third party logistics field and became the core logistics service provider of SF.
2008 Entering the Third Party Logistics of Medicine Becoming the Core Logistics Provider of Sinopharm Group

The establishment of the pharmaceutical supply chain management division, into the pharmaceutical industry third-party logistics field, become the core logistics business operators of large pharmaceutical enterprises such as national medicine logistics.

2013 Establishing Shengtong Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Enter the field of clinical sample supply chain management
Shanghai Shengtong Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, was established in association with large pharmaceutical enterprises.
Establish Life Science Division and Enter the Field of Clinical Sample Transportation and Supply Chain Management
2014 Start China Eastern Logistics Strategic Cooperation Jointly Establish a National Pharmaceutical Logistics Platform
  Shanghai Shengtong Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. and China Eastern Airlines Aviation Logistics Co., Ltd. started strategic cooperation to integrate China Eastern's air transportation network resources across the country and jointly establish China Eastern Airlines Pharmaceutical Logistics Platform (EPS: Eastern Airline Pharm Services) to build a nationwide pharmaceutical logistics network platform.


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