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MON-SAT 9:00-18:00

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RM306, Flat C, Longfor Paradise Walk, No.1126 Shen Bin Rd(south), Minhang District, Shanghai 200100 China

International Logistics

The important characteristic of international logistics is the difference of logistics environment in different countries. Different countries have different applicable laws for logistics, which makes the complexity of international logistics much higher than domestic logistics. The international logistics system needs to operate under different laws, customs, languages, technology and facilities, which greatly increases the difficulty of logistics operation and the complexity of logistics system. Due to the particularity of the pharmaceutical industry, strict professional requirements are put forward for the aviation dangerous goods in international logistics, such as accurate transportation, customs declaration and inspection, customs handling, etc.
Since 2001, we have entered the field of international air transport logistics. We have complete international air transport agency qualification and dangerous goods operation qualification. We have established good cooperation with many well-known airlines at home and abroad for a long time. We have a professional customs handling capacity, can provide one-stop service for the import and export of pharmaceutical goods by air transport logistics.
We provide international export air transport agency services, including assistance in auditing various lists and approvals provided by customers; preparation of various documents; booking, customs clearance, inspection and warehousing; picking up and sending to airports; settlement of freight and miscellaneous charges and domestic and foreign documentation support.
We provide international import air freight forwarding services, including assisting customers to provide various lists and approval; customs clearance/customs clearance, tax payment, inspection, storage; delivery, transshipment to designated locations.

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