Welcome to the official website of Shanghai Bioquick Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

Hours of operation
MON-SAT 9:00-18:00

National Service Hotline
8621-6420 8777/400-858-2121

Company store address
RM306, Flat C, Longfor Paradise Walk, No.1126 Shen Bin Rd(south), Minhang District, Shanghai 200100 China

Specialized value-added services

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We customize the most effective value-added services for your needs and constantly improve your experience.
We can provide:
· Reservation and Delivery Service
· Reservation services to third parties
· Delivery of in-transit notice
· Call Center Service
· pick-up at specified time
· Delivery at specified time
· High Speed Response Service
· Hand-held service
· Third party (medical representative/physician) on-site testing
· Third Party (Medical Representatives/Doctors) Sign and Receive Together
· Classification and labeling of clinical samples
· Designated receipt of accompanying documents
· Customized Document Filling Guidance
· Design of Temperature Data Acquisition Scheme
· Temperature acquisition
· Rental of temperature recorder
· Recovery of temperature recorder
· Continuous Temperature Data Reporting
· Design and Application of Cold Chain Packaging Equipment
· Data support

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