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Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Logistics

Pharmaceutical industry logistics involves all kinds of cold chain transportation under the temperature chain. There are strict requirements for the control accuracy of temperature and time. The core quality control elements such as transportation mode, temperature record and transportation time of cold chain drugs must be strictly implemented in accordance with GSP rules. Emergency preparedness for refrigeration and refrigerated drug transportation should also be formulated. In this case, the corresponding measures should be taken to deal with the unexpected events such as equipment failure, abnormal weather and traffic congestion that may occur during transportation.
We follow strict process control for all medical cold chain logistics requirements, scientifically formulate temperature control scheme, adopt temperature control equipment which has been verified by continuous temperature experiment data, establish strict engineering design scheme for the transportation timeliness of each mode of transportation, and set monitoring parameters at each transit timeliness node. Through the binding of emergency plan and monitoring parameters, the potential risk of each link is controlled, and the continuous temperature data of the whole transportation process is provided as the basis of supply chain quality management.
It is our social responsibility to implement strict management of cold chain transportation of medicine. We do not take shortcuts.

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