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Supply-side Structural Reform in Cold Chain Logistics Indust

日期:2019-07-09 浏览:
It is necessary to innovate the format of the cold chain industry. It is necessary to make up for the shortage, remove the inventory and reduce the cost. At the same time, the structural contradictions faced by cold chain logistics include the structural contradictions of the regional layout of the cold chain industry; Structural contradiction of cold chain transportation capacity; Structural contradiction of cold chain storage capacity; The structural contradiction between supply and demand of cold chain logistics talents; Structural contradictions in the supply of cold chain service products.
Under the background of the country's vigorous development of commerce and trade circulation industry and the implementation of supply-side structural reforms, China's cold chain logistics industry is facing a brand-new business survival environment. Timely promotion of supply-side structural reforms in the cold chain logistics industry is an important measure to promote the optimal allocation of resources in the industry, reduce the cost of cold chain logistics, eliminate information asymmetry and improve market transparency.
The supply-side structural reform starts from improving the quality of supply of products or services, and uses the reform method to promote structural adjustment, correct distortion of factor allocation, expand effective supply, improve the adaptability and flexibility of supply structure to changes in demand, increase total factor productivity, and improve productivity through industrial adjustment to adapt to structural changes in market demand, better meet the effective needs of the consumer market, and promote sustained and healthy economic and social development.
The cold chain logistics industry needs to carry out structural reforms on the supply side to effectively supply and meet the new demands arising from consumption upgrading, promote the optimization of resource allocation and industrial restructuring in the cold chain industry, realize cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and improve the service level in the industry, so as to reduce the circulation cost of enterprises and maintain the competitiveness of enterprises.
At present, under the background of the new normal of China's economic development, with the proposal of supply-side structural reform policies, the development of logistics industry has received more and more attention. However, in view of the special logistics field of cold chain logistics, to explore the contradiction between supply and demand structure in the development process and how to carry out innovative development under the new situation, we believe that it is urgent to realize the reform objectives of "shifting and upgrading" and "overtaking in corners" in the cold chain logistics industry from the perspective of demand side, and we must seek the driving force for its sustainable development from the innovation of cold chain logistics formats.


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